When the moon hits you eye like a big pizza pie, That’s amore! When the world seems to shine like you’ve had too much wine, That’s amore! – Dean Martin

The stretch of coast closed between Positano and Vietri sul Mare, on the west side of the Gulf of Salerno, is a natural amphitheater of rocks, scents and sensations, an oasis of peace flowing with a very intense social life. On the Amalfi Coast, the delights of a land that smells of sea, lemons, woods and mountains, go along with a long history, that of peoples and nations who have left the sign of their passage. Today, the Amalfi Coast is synonym with beauty and fun, scenic nature and glamour. Mass tourism has failed to undermine the simplicity of these places, which are naturally meek, and have contemporaneously become a benchmark for the international jet set. For more than one hundred years the Amalfi Coast has been an icon for the world of culture, politics, media, literature, and art, a place where one can find peace and serenity, but also an intense nightlife, wonderful shopping streets, and lovely little shops where to buy high-quality crafts.

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That's Amalfi!

Scents, colors and stories about the Amalfi Coast

Conca dei Marini, exclusive destination of the international jet set

The village of Conca dei Marini is so called because it is located in a valley by the sea. And to be precise, in compliance with the principles of tautology, the country is also called the city of sailors, for the old habit of the inhabitants to be, as quite logical, all sailors. Conca dei […]

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Ravello, the city of music and coral

Think of a celebrity. Certainly, he/she has visited Ravello. The greatest names in literature, music, movies, characters of economics, finance and politics, up to less or more famous television stars, all have a souvenir photo in Ravello. The town is a classic seaport for elite tourism, although the village is not by the sea, but […]

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Latest news from Amalfi

  • Festival musical di RavelloRavello Music Festival16 June 2014 - 09:14

    Ravello Festival 2014: a rich program of concerts, art events and cultural meetings With its nearly fifty concerts divided into three calendar months and the rich outline of events and visual art exhibitions, Ravello Festival is probably the most important event of music, art and culture in Campania. It is no coincidence that the opening […]

  • Summer Events in the Amalfi Coast27 July 2013 - 12:11

    Tourists on holiday on the Amalfi Coast in August will enjoy a rich program of events that will make this wonderful place even more pleasurable and fun. Of course, most of the events to be held in August around the Divine Coast will take place in the middle of the month: on the night of […]

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