Who we are and why we do it

That’s Amalfi! project has a clear-cut mission: make you dream. Because from Dreams we build Reality, just as from Utopia we make History.

With That’s Amalfi! we have assembled the best experiences to tell you how the dream of a holiday on the Amalfi Coast can become a true, sweet memory. We started from us, from our twenty-years experience in the business as tour operators specializing in the Italian territory, as holidays experts for everyone, from families with children to couples in search of glamour and sophistication. We have added this to the experiences of our customers, travelers and tourists, who reported the thousands merits and small faults of their holidays on the Amalfi Coast. Finally, our authors, connoisseurs of places and human souls, have condensed everything into stories, descriptions of places, landscapes and people. That’s Amalfi! is therefore the flower blossomed from a seed in which flows the fluid of our skills blended with the reviews and stories of thousands of tourists who have travelled with us over the years. An osmosis between different sources, both tangible and intangible, between events and feelings.

But That’s Amalfi! is just the first milestone of a larger project that includes many other Italian places with a high tourism potential, and which annually welcome with enthusiasm millions of tourists from all over the world. The idea is simple: provide special tourist guides, free and sophisticated, comprehensive and intriguing, on the most popular areas of our beautiful peninsula. Travel guides suitable for tourists looking for something more than just a vacation: people in search of sensations to be turned into memories.

That’s Amalfi! is for those who want to visit the Amalfi Coast for the first time, but also for those who decide to get back there because fascinated by these places that exude charm. Indeed, in the Amalfi Coast there’s always something left to discover: a village, an unknown path to follow in the footsteps of the conquerors, pirates, merchants and shepherds who for centuries have linked their names and their hearts to these lands, so much-travelled but still so wild. The sights, attractions, events, and stories are selected by those who, for passion and profession, love the history of our beautiful country. In short, we try to make available to web surfers quality information on the Amalfi Coast, so that every step on this magnificent stretch of coast may be a delight for the senses and soul.

The Amalfi Coast is a lively and vibrant place throughout the year. It is a succession of secular and religious events that are rooted in history and mythology, local festivals and processions alternate with high-fashion events, cultural, musical and artistic events, framed into this slice of paradise by a throng jet setters who are always looking for unique places to spend their time. Finally, hospitality, the recommended hotels which may be your starting point to explore the Amalfi Coast. That’s Amalfi! not only proposes places where to rest after a day of sun and adventure, but also places we have selected after receiving customers ratings from our booking portal. That’s Amalfi! Will only tell about a certain type of hotels, fairy-tale hotels where you experience dreams.

It’s not about snobbery or lack of regard for the many tour operators who do their best to provide unforgettable holidays on the Amalfi Coast. Unforgettable for everyone, young couples on honeymoon, retired elderly couples, families with children, groups of tourists on package tours, business men and women engaged in daily business. All the precious accommodation offer, from 3 star hotels in Amalfi to Positano inns, from the pensions in Furore to the hotels on the slopes of Agerola, are thoroughly presented on our general site.

It’s just that That’s Amalfi! is something else. A virtual space to dream while standing on the terrace of a dream hotel. Over the enchanting panorama of the Mediterranean Sea, between Positano and Vietri sul Mare. Because this is the Amalfi Coast, the Divine Coast. The one and only in the world.

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