Saraceno Grand Hotel Amalfi, a stay of oriental charm

Quanno a Napule sponta ‘a luna,
pare overo nu riflettore!…
Ce se ‘ncantano ‘e furastiere:
nun se pònno capacitá – Popular song 

It was the year 1543, and Suleiman the Magnificent – enlightened Sultan of the Ottoman Empire, great statesman and legislator, patron of the arts and poet, commander of the Janissaries (the elite of the Ottoman army), conqueror of lands and ruler of the seas – ordered his architects to erect a beautiful palace on what he called the Divine Coast. Not just a building, but rather a palace that was to represent the place where it was going to stand, near Amalfi, Conca dei Marini, in a wonderful bay. An imposing building set deep in the Mediterranean scrub, amid the colors of sea and sky, embedded in rock, which had to bear the colors and fragrances of the Divine from the foundation up to the beautiful decorations. All this has now become a 5 star hotel, the Saraceno Grand Hotel Amalfi, an amazing place, beautiful, from which oozes strength and elegance typical of the Arab world, rising sheer from the sea of the Amalfi Coast.

Staying for a few days at Saraceno Grand Hotel Amalfi is a unique experience. The ancient structure was refined by a modern facility located on the top of the slope that flows into the sea. The Saraceno, so called by those who know it well, has gold plated ceilings, sumptuous drapes, antique furniture inlaid with glistening mother of pearl and ivory. The Saraceno Grand Hotel Amalfi is a place to dream, a One Thousand and One Nights-style location, wrapped in a bright and magical atmosphere.

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Luxury 5 Star Hotel
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But beyond the dream is the substance. The substance of impeccable service and comforts worthy of the Sultan and the Amalfi coast alike. The 56 rooms, all overlooking the sea, are equipped with the most modern amenities and are appreciated by a discerning clientele. The bathrooms have been recently restored: in some there are showers with color therapy, ceramics of Vietri sul Mare and mosaics. To allow guests a quick and easy access, the swimming pool, the private beach and the terraces are connected by escalators. The Saraceno also has a meeting room for 60 people, with sea view, ça va sans dire. The hotel also features private parking for 50 cars and Wi-Fi with fee in public areas.

The use of the Palace of Suleiman as a hotel goes back to the 60s-70s. Restoration and renovation have not altered its original Arabic style. The restaurant Mashreq resembles an Arab tent, with columns covered with damask. The Bar Doge boasts graffiti and portraits of Arabs on total black walls. The beach restaurant El Qusary has tiled floors with handmade arabesques decorations. At the Saraceno Grand Hotel Amalfi it is possible to organize weddings starting from the “I Will” moment. Indeed, it also features a chapel where to celebrate the rite: the wedding reception party, for up to 200 guests, is then held on a terrace located in the old part of the Castle. In an environment with a setting worthy of a very special moment.

Customer reviews for Grand Hotel Saraceno

An exquisite formality in a heap of courtesy.” This is perhaps the best opinion summary by those who have stayed at the Saraceno Grand Hotel Amalfi. The charm of furnishings and the Arabic style of the Palace are very popular features, as well as the presence of the private pool and bar on several levels. The rooms, which by the way are all different from one another, are especially appreciated by adult couples, while young couples emphasize the excellent value for money and the proximity to Amalfi. The restaurant collects positive reviews, as well as the availability of several terraces where to relax. The ancient Arab fortress echoes traditional values of courtesy, efficiency and hospitality. That’s why the service provided at the Saraceno is always impeccable and ready to meet any customer need. At the reception you can book tours, boat rentals, book transfers to the airport of Naples Capodichino, Rome Airport or to Salerno train station.

Overall rating: a must for lovers and dreamers, a magical experience for those accustomed to hotels with ultra modern architectures, all glass and steel.

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