News, curiosities, events and festivals around the Amalfi Coast

Discovering the Emerald Grotto

Being the first to admire the fantastic and magical spectacle must have been a unique experience. But not unrepeatable. Because any tourist visiting the Emerald Grotto in Conca dei Marini on the Amalfi Coast feels the same feelings that the fisherman Luigi Buonocore felt in 1932. The emerald hues that come from the water, which […]

Amalfi Coast Women devoted to the sea, land and work

Being a woman in the Amalfi Coast has always been a great job. But unlike other areas of Southern Italy where women have always been subordinate to men and the whole community, here things have gone a bit differently. It may have been the sun, or the sea, lemons or whatever, in the Amalfi Coast […]

Ravello Music Festival

Ravello Festival 2014: a rich program of concerts, art events and cultural meetings With its nearly fifty concerts divided into three calendar months and the rich outline of events and visual art exhibitions, Ravello Festival is probably the most important event of music, art and culture in Campania. It is no coincidence that the opening […]

Summer Events in the Amalfi Coast

Tourists on holiday on the Amalfi Coast in August will enjoy a rich program of events that will make this wonderful place even more pleasurable and fun. Of course, most of the events to be held in August around the Divine Coast will take place in the middle of the month: on the night of […]

The hand-made paper of Amalfi: Charta Bambagina

Amalfi Paper has a very ancient history. Along the great rivers of China, paper was invented in the 2nd century BC. In later centuries, the caravans moving west through Persia to the Mediterranean coast of Palestine, made known to the world this precious substitute for papyrus. However, that road wasn’t short at all, it took […]

Edenlandia, Naples amusement park

If you happen to be on holiday with children in the Amalfi Coast, and you are a bit tired of spending your days at the beach and admiring dream landscapes, you can decide to embark on a nice trip towards Naples. Here you will find the amusement park Edenlandia, full of attractions for all ages […]

The Costiera is cheaper on St. Valentine’s

What better occasion than Valentine’s Day to enjoy a romantic weekend in the Amalfi Coast? If there’s a perfect place in the world where to whisper lovely words standing in front of dreamy views, that place is the romantic Amalfi Coast. Also because, in February, when the weather starts getting warmer, and days become longer […]

The Amalfi Coast, what is it really like? Exclusive interviews

That’s Amalfi! now has a new section, People, with possible and impossible interviews to those who live on the Amalfi Coast or those who have loved this place during a vacation. Because it’s true that a landscape as the Amalfi Coast would be great even without people, but only these can really tell its beauty […]

Maiori: the Museum of Leonardo da Vinci

Leonardo da Vinci has come to the heart of the Amalfi Coast. At Palazzo Mezzacapo, from May to October, it is possible to admire and try out the magnificent machines that the Tuscan genius designed in mid 1400. The collaboration between the Municipality of Maiori, the Cultural Association La Feluca, and the Organization Il Genio […]

Agerola Food Festival: Gusta la Patata

This is going to be the 10th edition of Agerola’s potato festival Gusta la Patata (literally: Enjoy the Potato) which takes place in the village of S. Maria Manna, a hamlet of Agerola. Well, on August 14 and 15, let’s all meet on the Amalfi Coast, behind Furore, on the slopes of the Lattari mountains, there […]

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