The Amalfi Coast, what is it really like? Exclusive interviews

That’s Amalfi! now has a new section, People, with possible and impossible interviews to those who live on the Amalfi Coast or those who have loved this place during a vacation. Because it’s true that a landscape as the Amalfi Coast would be great even without people, but only these can really tell its beauty and describe its magic.

People are to the Amalfi Coast, what words are to a story. Nature has given the plot, that sublime piece of land extending from Positano to Vietri sul Mare, but it would be incomplete without the words, work and lives of men and women who were born or raised here, or have just been travelling around in these places. On that plot, in that landscape, the words of lives shape the stories we can tell.

So here come these words, real life stories from real people, with the answers to the 10 questions in the following possible and impossible interviews.

Personal questions, never dull, because nobody is interested in ‘selling’ the Costiera. The Amalfi Coast is sold by itself, thanks to its natural beauty, the endless sea, the hidden beaches, the villages perched on the mountains, its cliffs defying the waves, the fruits of its warm land, the paths along the cliffs that plunge deep into bays and coves.

The questions we ask our friends, generally bloggers as Giulia, observers and reporters who write about the life on the Amalfi Coast, as the photojournalist Massimo Capodanno, are personal questions about their stories, their way of seeing, loving and hating their land. We wish to offer readers of That’s Amalfi! actual contents, real life, everyday experiences, not only in the shadow of summer and tourists, but also relating to winter periods in this place, when the Costiera is dormant and life is closed inside bars and clubs where young people and seniors find shelter and meet friends. Hence, outside the circus of tourism, frolicing jet setters, out-board engines, and seaside happy hours, away from the glamour of the early hours in discos, the shopping for souvenirs and stylish crafts.

The “10 questions to get closer to the Costiera thanks to those who live there and have experienced it” are a gift from That’s Amalfi! to its readers. Because we are sure that it is not enough to tell you about the things to see and do, and eat, in the Amalfi Coast, it’s not enough to know where to find handmade sandals or pottery, it is not sufficient to provide information on the best itineraries between Amalfi and Ravello, because life is not just about historical and architectural knowledge.

In order to appreciate a place, you need to talk to people who really know it, to those who breathe its air day by day. And since we cannot bring these friends from the Amalfi Coast directly in your room, we have interviewed them, peeking into their lives, their affections and their likes and dislikes.

And what about the impossible interviews? We used fantasy travel for those. Celebrities, stars, thinkers, artists and composer as Richard Wagner have travelled across Amalfi, Ravello, Vietri, Positano, Minori, Maiori, Agerola and Furore for centuries. The Amalfi Coast has always been renowned for the presence of jet setters on holiday and secret celebrity affairs. So we have… interviewed them, we went for a fantasy trip in the Hades and asked them to tell us about their experience in Amalfi Coast. And with a bit of pride we propose an account of these… impossible interviews.

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