Summer Events in the Amalfi Coast

Tourists on holiday on the Amalfi Coast in August will enjoy a rich program of events that will make this wonderful place even more pleasurable and fun. Of course, most of the events to be held in August around the Divine Coast will take place in the middle of the month: on the night of August 15th, Italy’s Ferragosto day, fireworks burst into a thousand colors over the sky of the Amalfi Coast, rising from the sea of all the towns and villages of the coast.

Festivals and events on the Amalfi Coast have always religious purposes, they’re always related to saints and patrons of the single towns. Nonetheless, a religious festival in Amalfi, Agerola, Positano and Vietri sul Mare is always a good opportunity for tourists and locals to taste the specialties of the Amalfi Coast: fish and meat cooked in many ways, because the Divine Coast boasts an ancient fishing tradition, but also farming on the plains of the Lattari Mountains has always played a special role. The natural products of land and sea become unique specialties in the restaurants in Praiano, Conca Marini or Maiori.

Speaking of Maiori, on August 15 with the Feast of the Assumption, the small village on the Amalfi Coast becomes one of the epicenters of the festivals and folk festivals in the region. On that day, locals celebrate the patron saint Santa Maria a Mare on the Solemnity of the Assumption.  The highlight of the festival is the procession along Corso Regina in the historical centre of the town with the run of the carriers of the great statue of the Madonna along the stairs leading to the Collegiate. Thousands of people flock to the seafront of Maiori and small and big boats crowd the beach in front of the country up to Ravello to watch the fireworks display.

A not to be missed event at the beginning of August in Agerola is the FiordilatteFiordifesta festival. From August 3 to 6, in fact, in this town of the Amalfi Coast, also famous for its magnificent walks and hiking trails on the Lattari Mountains, organizes this festival in honor of Mozzarella cheese and the typical products of Agerola. Now in its 33rd edition, FiordilatteFiordifesta offers visitors and residents the opportunity to learn and enjoy the culinary excellence of this land: the event takes place in the parish of Pianillo and is organized by the local St. Anthony Abbot Society.

Also in early August there’s a Feast of the Luminaria di San Domenico in Praiano. The inaugural party will be on the evening of August 1: the sound of the bells of the Convent of Santa Maria a Castro and the Church of San Gennaro will kick off the celebration with the Dance of the Lantern and the lighting of the torches in the village of Vettica Maggiore. The festival of lanterns will continue until Sunday, August 4th when at 10.30pm in Piazza San Gennaro will take place a beautiful fireworks show to the rhythm of music and dance.

In Cetara, throughout the month of August plenty of musical and gastronomic events take place. It all starts on August 1 with Musica Giovane, a talent show produced by Cetara’s Youth Forum. On August 2, all-girl singing group “Le Frenetiche” will perform in Largo Marina with a repertoire from the 70s. On August 3, do not miss the great tasting of Cetara typical products in the area called Cannillo. On August 10, instead, it is time for Cetara sotto le stelle with the regional finals of Miss Italy 2013. On August 24, Mario Conte performs in a tribute to Massimo Ranieri with the show Nonsolomassimoshow in Piazza San Francesco, while on Friday, August 30, Joe Rowles, Elvis Presley impersonator, will present the show “Elvis e dintorni.”

The City of Conca dei Marini in collaboration with the Music Society Enrico Caruso are organizing the SantarosaConcaFestival 2013 to be held on August 13th through the 24th. This festival is held in honor of the sfogliatella Santarosa, created in the monastery of the Dominican Sisters, which will be celebrated with 12 events at the Open Air Theatre located in San Pancrazio.

The month of August ends with the splendid Byzantine New Year’s appointment in Amalfi. The Byzantine New Year is a cultural-historical event that took off in the early 80s as the beginning of the re-enactment in the territories of the Roman Empire, that is September 1. On that day came into office the Comites, that is, the leaders of the Maritime Republic of Amalfi. The festival includes the investiture ceremony of the “Duke of Amalfi – Master of Law”, and the historical procession from Atrani to Amalfi, with a rich corollary of folklore shows.

Of course, the most important and famous summer event on the Amalfi Coast is the Ravello Festival, great event of music and dance that takes place at several venues in Ravello, Wagnerian city in the Divine Coast. The program of Ravello Festival includes events of great artistic and cultural value throughout August. The Ravello Festival will end with two unmissable events: Fiorella Mannoia’s concert accompanied by the Solis String Quartet on Friday, September 6 at the Belvedere of Villa Rufolo (the show will start at 9.30pm), and on Saturday, August 7, always on the Belvedere of Villa Rufolo, at 8.00pm there will be the grand finale with the Turkish National Youth Orchestra, conducted by Cem Mansur with Shlomo Mintz as first violin, performing music by Rossini, Beethoven and Brahms.

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