People & Characters from the Amalfi Coast

10 questions to get closer to the Amalfi Coast thanks to those who live there and have experienced it

In the future everyone will be famous for 15 minutes – Andy Warhol

We are curious people, even a little pushy. Just like St. Thomas, we need to touch life with our hands and our soul, touch the small and big things that make the Amalfi Coast a Divine Coast.

The best way to satisfy this morbid curiosity of ours, is giving the word to the people who live there day after day. But this is not enough, because sometimes views ‘from the inside’ are led astray by a daily love-hate relationship that obscures or exalts facts. This is why we don’t interview residents only, we rather ask our 10 questions also to historic characters who, during their stay in the Amalfi Coast, have loved this place and its landscapes.

The possible and impossible interviews to get to know the Amalfi Coast deep inside, are a way to offer personal ‘visions’ within the great vision that That’s Amalfi! is. One way to help you come in close contact with the scents, the colors, the feelings and the flow of time in one of the most beautiful places in the world. The Amalfi Coast.

Chiara D’Amico – TV producer

Chiara D’Amico, TV producer of Vietri sul Mare, tells us about her Amalfi Coast. A magical place that she has decided to describe through video guides, apps and TV shows rather than just words! A land dominated by cobalt blue, yellow and copper-green colors, fragrant sfusato lemons of Amalfi, characterized by breathtaking sunsets, where the individual is never alone, but part of a whole community.

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Alfonso Bottone – Journalist

In this interview, Alfonso Bottone, journalist of Maiori, leads us to the discovery of His Amalfi Coast. Alfonso tells us of a life spent listening to the words of people, both locals and tourists, talking of that place: words that become news, stories and poems that describe the magic of the Divine Coast. But Alfonso is also a great promoter of culture, through the event “ – ​​Festa del Libro in Mediterraneo”

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Richard Wagner – Composer

An irreverent, sarcastic Richard Wagner tells the Amalfi Coast and debunks the myth that the garden of Villa Rufolo was his source of inspiration for the setting of Klingsor’s garden in his work Parsifal. An interview with an unruly genius who still lives with his music in the beautiful setting of the Amalfi Coast, thanks to the Wagner concerts of the Ravello Festival.

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Giulia – Blogger

Giulia, lovely blogger of Minori, tells us in a very captivating way about her Costiera. A land made of sea, scents, shades always varied, where you live on simple things but that fill your heart: strolls by the sea, ​​coffee at coffee shops with friends, children playing in the street. A paradise where everything flows slowly, without frenzy, and where every lived moment acquires more value.

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Massimo Capodanno – Photojournalist

The Amalfi Coast captured by the camera lens of a professional photographer, Massimo Capodanno. Tireless photographer and blogger, he always goes out with his Nikon or Leica to shoot every single aspect of the beautiful Positano: its inhabitants, the sea, its cultural, entertainment and political events. A camera to create, shape and color one of the most appreciated Italian places in the world.

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