Travelguides of resorts along the Amalfi Coast

Tour of the havens scattered around the Coast, from Amalfi to Vietri sul Mare

Ma quanto è bella Napule,
Napule è bella assaje!…
Nun ll’aggio vista maje
cchiù bella ‘e comm’a mo!
Comme mme scordo ‘o cielo?
Tutt”e ccanzone…’o mare?
Comme mme scordo ‘e Napule? – Popular song

One hundred kilometers long, the coastline of Campania, extending from Salerno to Naples, dreamily mirroring in the waters of the Gulf of Salerno, is a haven of natural beauty, an oasis of scents, aromas and flavors known throughout the world. Enchanted places kissed by the sun, towns and villages set like jewels in the rock, incredible landscapes rich in artistic reminiscence, a unique mix of history, culture, nature and gastronomy. There are many towns along the Amalfi Coast, and each has its own story, a detail to be revealed, a mystery to be discovered. From Amalfi to Vietri sul Mare, here is a series of travel guides to learn more about one of the most popular tourist areas of Italy, which punctually leaves visitors literally speechless.

Conca dei Marini

The village of Conca dei Marini is so called because it is located in a valley by the sea. And to be precise, in compliance with the principles of tautology, the country is also called the city of sailors, for the old habit of the inhabitants to be, as quite logical, all sailors. Conca dei […]

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Think of a celebrity. Certainly, he/she has visited Ravello. The greatest names in literature, music, movies, characters of economics, finance and politics, up to less or more famous television stars, all have a souvenir photo in Ravello. The town is a classic seaport for elite tourism, although the village is not by the sea, but […]

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Agerola is nicknamed Little Switzerland because from the tops of the Lattari mountains that surround it (often snowy in winter), even in warmer weather a fresh and fizzy breeze arrives in town, thus creating a contrast with the Mediterranean warmth of the Amalfi Coast. The town is considered a tourist resort on the coast even […]

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Furore is actually not a real village, as we use to imagine one. Or better: Furore is indicated as a municipality in the province of Salerno; it is clearly visible on the maps of the Amalfi Coast, between Conca dei Marini and Praiano; it is a popular tourist destination; has a definitely evocative name. So […]

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You can’t go wrong: all the walks in Praiano cross a stairway. The town is full of steps, even because some lead to the beach of Vettica, eighty meters lower than the town centre. Indeed, Praiano stands on a promontory: from the main square, Piazza San Gennaro, you admire the most complete view of the […]

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Amalfi from the sea, hundreds of small windows set in white houses leaning against each other over a steep cliff. Sea plays a major role in this town. It is the mirror of the city, where all the sunrises, sunsets, clear days of sunshine are reflected, where colors change from turquoise to emerald green, from […]

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Always, since the nobles of ancient Rome wintered in Minori, the town has been famous for hand-made pasta, which was made in the mills powered by the river Reginuolo. In the XX century, the production moves to Gragnano, near Castellammare di Stabia, but Minori still retains the primacy of homemade pasta, produced in mills that […]

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Amalfi Coast

Beautiful beyond any belief. Spectacular and breathtaking. Wonderful landscapes and panoramas. Unique in the world. World Heritage Site. Pride of Italy. In short, the Amalfi Coast bears thousands of nicknames, compliments and official recognitions, but none of them will never do it justice. The stretch of coast closed between Positano and Vietri sul Mare, on […]

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